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  建議先點下面的Youtube Player聽聽這次要介紹的這首歌。聽完後有沒有很熟悉的感覺呢?沒錯!這首歌就是幾年前紅遍台灣的電玩跳舞遊戲(Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA)裡面的一首歌,歌名為"Centerfold(130 BPM Move It Remix)"。

  "Centerfold"有許多重唱版本,電玩版的是德國舞曲團體Captain Jack的版本,而原唱則是出自美國藍調搖滾團體J. Geils Band,"Centerfold"收錄在他們1981年專輯"Freeze Frame"中,這支單曲在1982年的2月時登上Billboard流行單曲榜冠軍,一舉拿下6週冠軍,是一首非常成功的單曲,一年後在英國單曲榜拿到No. 3,成為J. Geils Band英國第一首也是唯一首的排行作品。

  "Centerfold"是首輕鬆俏皮的搖滾單曲,歌詞大概是敘述一個男人在男性雜誌"Centerfold"(與playboy性質一樣)裡,看到了他高中時期心上人的照片,導致其過去心中美好形象幻滅,在現實與記憶中拉扯掙扎的心境,歌詞中不斷提到的"Angel"其實是語帶雙關,據說這首單曲暗示了他與女演員Angel Tompkins兩人之間的關係。

  1967年成軍的J. Geils Band宣布停止演唱多次,不過每隔幾年他們又會復出表演,最近一次復出演唱是在去年(2009年),但僅約一年光景Peter Wolf卻又在今年四月的波士頓Big Brothers / Big Sisters公益演出中公開表示,這是J. Geils Band的最後一次演出,不過他也附帶提到 - "You never say never, but I can tell you in my heart of hearts that as far as I know -- and I'm a pretty good source -- there is nothing I can think of that's planned. So this is basically it right now.",實在搞不懂Peter Wolf怎麼老是愛玩這種把戲。


J. Geils Band - Centerfold

Captain Jack - Centerfold


Captain Jack - Centerfold(130 BPM Move It Remix)



J. Geils Band - Centerfold

words & music by Seth Justman

Does she walk? Does she talk?

Does she come complete?

My homeroom homeroom angel

Always pulled me from my seat

She was pure like snowflakes

No one could ever stain

The memory of my angel

Could never cause me pain

Years go by I'm lookin' through a girly magazine

And there's my homeroom angel on the pages in-between


My blood runs cold

My memory has just been sold

My angel is the centerfold

Angel is the centerfold


Slipped me notes under the desk

While I was thinkin' about her dress

I was shy I turned away

Before she caught my eye

I was shakin' in my shoes

Whenever she flashed those baby-blues

Something had a hold on me

When angel passed close by

Those soft and fuzzy sweaters

Too magical to touch

Too see her in that negligee

Is really just too much


It's okay I understand

This ain't no never-never land

I hope that when this issue's gone

I'll see you when your clothes are on

Take you car, Yes we will

We'll take your car and drive it

We'll take it to a motel room

And take 'em off in private

A part of me has just been ripped

The pages from my mind are stripped

Oh no, I can't deny it

Oh yea, I guess I gotta buy it!



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